About Vireo

Your success is our business

When you do well, we do well. We help you reach and exceed your marketing goals through website design, content creation, and marketing and advertising strategy.

Friendly, reliable, organized

Serving you well is our top priority. We build lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, good communication, and the ability to hit deadlines.

Our goal is to bring your vision to life. You're in the driver's seat throughout the process. Think of us as your GPS: You tell us where you want to go, and we'll give you the best route.

We are creatives.

We find unconventional answers in unexpected places. We draw inspiration from eclectic sources and bring ideas to life in new ways.

We are content experts.

High-quality content is just as important as high-quality design and we have exceptional content creation experience and skills.

We are entrepreneurs.

We believe everyone should be their own boss. We love talking shop. We’re excited to understand how you run your business.

We are nerds.

We delight in well-designed spreadsheets. We research new tech in our spare time, for fun. We play video games and read fantasy novels.

We're always upfront about our pricing because no one likes getting an unexpected bill. Follow the link to check out our pricing.

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About the team

Ashleigh Mattern and Jordan Mears are a husband and wife team who launched Vireo in June 2015 after years of working independently as freelancers in web design and marketing. Vireo also employs freelancers and partners with other businesses, allowing us to produce professional results while remaining small and agile.

Clients say we're responsive to their questions and attentive to their needs while creating content and websites that share their stories.

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