McCabe Insurance

Nov. 2018-Jan. 2019
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Project Overview

McCabe Insurance has a 60-year history in Saskatoon. They needed an updated website that ensured they remain current and highlighted their deep connections to the city. Dedicated to delivering top-notch customer service, they also wanted it to be very easy for visitors to the website to get in touch with them.


The previous McCabe Insurance website was slim in both design and details. We sat down with McCabe's leadership in several brainstorming sessions to reimagine the scope of the content and the capabilities of the site. The result is a site that matches the energy and vibrancy of the McCabe team.

A friendly company

Contacting prioritized

McCabe Insurance staff pride themselves on being friendly and approachable. We wanted to extend that approachability to their website, so we included contact information on the header, footer, and contact page, and visitors can get in touch through the chatbox icon in the bottom right corner.

We used for the chatbox. It’s free to use unless you want to remove the branding or hire chat agents to take messages for you. One of the features we like the most is the ability to see in real time where visitors are coming from and how they’re using the website.

We took the website from a slim collection of barebones information to a more filled-out affair, bringing multiple sections to each page and detailing all that visitors need to know about the company. The new site is also better for return clients, who will now find more information and resources.