Span West

March-July 2017
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Project Overview

Under new management, Span West needed an updated website that reflected their new branding, and that allowed their communications manager to easily add a large amount of new content to the website while keeping the style consistent between pages. The content on the old website was strong but needed to be better organized.


Our goal was to take a large amount of information already present on the old website and rearrange it in a way that was easier to navigate, and create a new visual style stemming from provided branding. A customized content management system allows Span West staff to add new content to the website while staying consistent.

Customized CMS

Built for the client

Span West is a construction company that specializes in apartment construction. They have projects throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. Once the apartment complex is built, they hand the keys to real estate agents and each property needs to act as a landing page for the agents representing it.

Since each of the properties acts as a landing page, we customized the content management system extensively to ensure Span West staff could update the properties or add new properties while keeping the style consistent.

Information architecture played a big role in making the website more user-friendly. There was a lot of existing information Span West wanted to keep but it was unorganized. We re-organized the info about the company and properties to make it more intuitive to find and navigate.