St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

Feb.-May 2019
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Project Overview

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church is at a crossroads both literally and metaphorically. They're located at Spadina and 22nd in Saskatoon, at once on one of the richest streets and the poorest. When they came to us for website help, they were also under new leadership and looking to attract a younger generation of worshipers.

Our contributions

The new site needed to balance both traditional and modern styles, and to be comfortable for current church attendees while also attracting new people. We needed to reorganize a lot of existing content, and they wanted to keep a weekly blog dating back to the early 2000s as it was an important record of the church's history.

Balancing act

For young and old

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church has a long history in Saskatoon. The first congregation came together in 1925, about 95 years ago. The building where they’re located at the corner of Spadina and 22nd was built in the early ’50s. It was important that history and location be reflected in the design of the website.

The site showcases the strong photography taken by a congregant of the area around the church and the people who make it a community. The style is clean and modern while using more traditional typography to reflect those historical roots.

Current congregants wanted it to be easy to find recent sermons and other announcements, while the church leadership wanted the site to be inviting and informational for new attendees. Transitioning this site also took some technical know-how as it came with a 16-year-old blog and an important database on the server.