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Play Sask Sports

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Vireo set the stage for the company's style with the logo design and branding. The e-commerce website was designed to take team and player registrations and payments, as well as to be a hub for the Play Sask community. Search engine optimization got the league top search results. Advertising and communications keeps players in the loop, and they look great wearing the T-shirts Vireo designed.
Project Overview
Play Sask Sports is a second business co-owned by Vireo's Ashleigh Mattern and Jordan Mears, along with their business partners Jennifer Ballantyne and Jesse Preiner. Due to their expertise in the field, Ashleigh and Jordan took the lead on branding, website design and development, content creation, social media management, advertising and designing promotional materials.
E-commerce website
With ongoing support
June 2017 - present
The Play Sask logo reflects the playful nature of the company: the four circles represent dodgeballs or soccer balls, and mimic the directional pad on a video game controller. The logo also represents the four Play Sask co-owners.

Play Sask members use the website weekly to access schedules and other information about the league, and it's an e-commerce website built on Woocommerce so that teams and players can register all in one place.

Strong information architecture and writing helps keep the information clear, and professional photography adds an exciting visual element. Ongoing search engine optimization means the league is consistently ranking higher than competitors in results.

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