Facebook is a great way for businesses to connect with customers, but you need to make a good impression. Anything you post online will represent your business, and you want to put your best foot forward. Here are seven steps for how to post content to Facebook in a professional manner.

1. Use an attractive image

A good image will grab people's attention. If you're posting a link, preview the image it provides; if there is no image or a poor quality one, replace it. For messages with no link, use a free stock photo website to find an appropriate image. Free stock photo websites:

2. Say a few words about the link you're sharing

When you share a link, be sure to add some thoughts about it. If writing is not your forte, find a line from the article or website you’re sharing that sums up your thoughts, and quote it.

3. Check your grammar

Grammar mistakes are unprofessional. Before you publish your post, read what you’ve written out loud. After you publish, re-read the post, and edit any mistakes you may have missed.

4. Schedule…

If you have multiple posts you want to share, it can be nice to space them out a bit over a few days. You want to post as much as possible, but posting consistently, like once a day or every week, is also important.

5. …or don’t schedule!

If having to schedule stops you from posting — forget about it! More important is making sure content gets posted regularly.

6. Keep an eye on the post

Review the post on the page once it’s live to catch any accidental errors, and check and respond to any comments. Facebook will notify you of activity on the post.

7. Have fun!

Remember that your followers are on Facebook to be entertained, to learn, and to connect. Have fun with your post, and your followers will have fun, too.