Services: Google Ads Management

Stand out from the crowd.

While search engine optimization can improve the organic search results for your business, Google Ads will bring you to the top.

Our expertise

When you pay us to manage your Google Ads account for you, you’re paying for the time it takes to monitor the account regularly and make adjustments to the ads to improve performance.

How we compare

Some marketing companies charge a percentage of ad spend, usually around 12%, and so do we if your ad spend is more than $10,000. For anything less than that, though, we like to charge a flat rate because it’s more straightforward. Our prices are on par with what you’ll find other marketing companies are charging.

Tier 1

  • Keyword management
  • Adjusting budget spends as requested
  • Monthly reporting
  • Weekly account monitoring
  • Extra charge for applying recommendations, ad updates, new ads, or new campaigns

Tier 2

  • Keyword management
  • Adjusting budget spends as requested
  • Monthly reporting
  • Applying recommendations
  • Ad updates
  • Extra charge for new ads or new campaigns

Tier 3

  • Keyword management
  • Adjusting budget spends as requested
  • Bi-weekly reporting
  • Daily account monitoring
  • Ad updates
  • Applying recommendations
  • 1-3 new ads per month included
  • 1 new campaign per month included

Ad spends more than $10,000/month are charged 12% of the total ad spend and receive all the services of Tier 3, plus a monthly consultation.

Google Ads set up


Your ads will perform better if they're written by our marketing experts. Plus, we can help you set up your account if you're new to this advertising system.

Services include

  • Strategy
  • Account creation
  • Keyword research
  • Up to 3 campaigns
  • Up to 4 ads per campaign
  • One month of monitoring
  • Search, display, remarketing ads

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