Webflow vs. WordPress

We build and maintain websites built on both WordPress and Webflow. Each of these platforms has different requirements for maintenance.

Webflow care plan features:

  • Subscription to a premium platform
  • Unlimited automatic backups
  • 99.99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring
  • Enterprise-grade website security
  • Fully managed hosting
  • Infinitely scalable server
  • SSL Certificate
  • 30 minutes of support
  • Monthly Google Analytics report

WordPress care plan features:

  • Daily core website & plugin updates
  • Weekly cloud database backups with 90-day retention
  • Weekly database cleaning & optimization
  • Weekly server backups with four-week retention
  • Daily security scans
  • Daily performance scans
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Dedicated hosting based in Toronto
  • SSL Certificate
  • 30 minutes of support
  • Monthly client report

We can also help you set up budget hosting and teach you how to manage the site on your own. This option is best for people who are comfortable with technology and organized enough to regularly apply updates to the site.

Care plan services



Sometimes things go wrong with websites. On WordPress, updates can break features, and despite our best efforts, websites can get hacked. In those cases, you’ll be glad there’s a previous version of your website that we can restore. 

On WordPress, we back up both the database, which is all of the collected information that makes up the website; as well as the server, which is the software that runs the website. On WordPress websites, we do weekly database backups with 90-week retention and weekly server back-ups with four-week retention.

On Webflow, restore points are created automatically on every 20th auto-save and when restoring to a previous version, and we can manually create a backup restore point. Webflow offers unlimited backups.



WordPress is one of the most widely used website software platforms in the world, but that also means it’s susceptible to attacks. WordPress fixes those security gaps quickly but in order to benefit from those fixes, someone needs to update the core website software regularly. It’s equally important to update any plugins as they are a commonplace where hackers will look for and exploit security flaws. We check daily for core website and plugin updates.

Webflow is a premium service, so updates to their platforms are performed automatically.


Database cleaning & optimization

Websites are designed to be changed: We update photographs, write new blog posts, remove old blog posts, add new pages, remove old pages, etc. 

On WordPress websites, these types of changes and leave behind information in the database that doesn’t need to be there anymore. Removing that old data can help your website run faster. We do database cleaning and optimization weekly.

Webflow offers unlimited backups and storage space so database cleaning and optimization is not an issue.

Security and performance

On WordPress, regularly scanning your website for security issues and performance standards allows us to measure the health of your website. Most of the time, the scans we perform comes out clean, which is good news! But regular scans do sometimes find problems that need to be addressed, and it’s best to get those fixed as quickly as possible. We scan our websites daily.

Webflow offers enterprise-grade security standards and performance requirements included in the price of the subscription.


Uptime monitoring

On WordPress websites, we get an alert when your website goes down so we can try to get it back up more quickly. Monitoring the website’s uptime can also point to problems with the server — if the site is going down a lot you may want to consider choosing a different hosting provider.

Webflow has 99.99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring.


SSL certificate

An SSL certificate encrypts the information being shared between the website’s server and your computer. Ensuring your site has an SSL certificate and it’s up to date not only protects visitors to your site, but it’s also good for search engine optimization because Google now prefers websites with an SSL certificate. We offer SSL certificates on both WordPress and Webflow websites.


Design and content updates

Businesses aren’t static. Phone numbers, addresses, people, services, hours — details like these change constantly and those changes need to be reflected on your website. To help you keep on top of those changes, our website care plans include 30 minutes of design and content updates per month (that does not roll over).



For our WordPress clients, we offer dedicated hosting based in Toronto through DigitalOcean. Webflow has hosting built into the platform. In both cases, the hosting is fast and reliable, ensuring visitors to your site have an enjoyable experience and aren’t getting frustrated with the site being slow to load. But if you want to stick with your current host, that's cool, too.


Monthly reports

If we’re doing our job right, then you won’t even notice that we’re maintaining your website — it will just keep running as expected. Our monthly reports give you a visual sense of how the website is performing. WordPress clients receive a client report that outlines uptime, performance, visitor information, SEO keyword changes, updates, and backups; and Webflow clients receive a Google Analytics report that outlines visitor information and behaviour. 


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