Services: Website care plans

Protect your investment.

Signing up for our fully managed website care plans means you don’t have to worry about your website at all.

Base care plan

$100 per month
  • Design and content updates
  • Website hosting
  • CMS and plugins updates
  • Backups and security
  • Uptime & performance monitoring
  • Monthly reports

The base care plan costs $1,200 per year and includes all the tasks necessary to ensure everything continues to work properly. The price also includes emergency support, a monthly report with stats about the site, and 30 minutes per month of design and content updates.

The price is based on the amount of time we expect to spend updating and monitoring your site, and the price is slightly cheaper than our competitors. We’re able to charge a bit less because as a small business, our overhead is lower.

The Internet isn't static. As soon as your website goes live, it enters into a dynamic space and it needs to be kept up to date in order to keep running smoothly. Here's how we maintain your site.



We keep our backups on a separate server, so that if anything goes wrong with the main server, your website is still safe.



It’s important to update any plugins as they are a common place where hackers will look for and exploit security flaws. We check daily for core website and plugin updates.


Database cleaning & optimization

Changes can leave behind information in the database that doesn’t need to be there anymore. Removing that old data can help your website run faster. We do database cleaning and optimization weekly.


Security and performance scans

Regularly scanning your website for security issues and performance standards allows us to measure the health of your website.


Uptime monitoring

We get an alert when your website goes down so we can get it back up again quickly.


SSL certificate

Ensuring your site has an up-to-date SSL certificate both protects visitors to your site and is good for search engine optimization.


Design and content updates

Your business's details like phone numbers, addresses, services, and hours change, and that needs to be reflected on your website, which is why our website care plans include 30 minutes of design and content updates per month (which does not roll over).



For our WordPress clients, we offer dedicated hosting based in Toronto through DigitalOcean. Webflow has hosting built in to the platform. In both cases, the hosting is fast and reliable. But if you want to stick with your current host, that's cool, too.


Monthly reports

If we’re doing our job right, then you won’t even notice that we’re maintaining your website — it will keep running as expected. Our monthly reports give you a visual sense of how the website is performing.


Domain name

We do not purchase the domain name, though we will help you manage it.



We do not offer email support.



Care plans for e-commerce websites are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

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